Kawaguchiko Onsen Hot Springs,
with spectacular views of Mt. Fuji - Oike Hotel

Welcome to Oike Hotel. fOike Hotel is located at the foot of the greatest mountain in Japan, Mt. Fuji. It fed by the Kawaguchiko Onsen hot springs.
These popular Lake Kawaguchiko accommodations allow guests to see a magnificent view of Mt. Fuji from their rooms and from the baths.
Offering close views of Mt. Fuji, the Kawaguchiko resort area is a popular place visited by many foreign tourists.

Onsen (Hot Spring)

hot spring

The pride of our hotel is its variety of “Onsen” hot spring bathing areas. There are two large bathing areas in the hotel.
In the bathing area on the top floor with views of Mt. Fuji, enjoy vistas of Japan's greatest mountain to your heart's content as you soak in the tubs. Between the men's and women's bathing area on the first floor, there are eight different baths in the outdoor bathing area. Feel Kawaguchiko's changing four seasons and take in the starry night sky as you soak in the hot spring water. Enjoy a totally luxurious experience.

Two private baths are available for rent, "Hojo no Yu," and "Enza no Yu," which are popular with couples and families.
They are a must for those who want to relax privately in the hot spring.
Also very popular among foreign customers, you can relax in a bath that is larger than those in other hotels.

The hotel has two buildings, the "Yuraku" Annex and the "Yuki" Main Building. In the Yuraku Annex, all rooms are suite rooms equipped with baths. Of course, you can see views of Mt. Fuji from the rooms and the baths.

In the "Yuki" Main Building, there is a rich variety of rooms, including Western-style and Japanese-style rooms, and rooms with en suite open air baths. It is ideal for customers wanting to stay at a reasonable price.

"Yuraku" Annex

"Yuki" Main Building

"Yuraku" Annex

All rooms are suites with views of Mt. Fuji and en suite open air baths.Enjoy an even higher level of luxury in the Oike Hotel "Yuraku" Annex. There are a total of 12 spacious guest rooms.Each room is equipped with windows facing Mt. Fuji and a bath with a view of Mt. Fuji. Enjoy the view of Mt. Fuji all to yourself from the expansive windows in your room or the bath.

Japanese-style room with a sofa

Soak in a bath overlooking the fantastic view of Mt. Fuji right before your eyes. Relax on the living room sofa after your bath.
A spacious, leisurely room with a superb view - 12 tatami mats in size with a living room.

Western room with a hori-kotatsu (heated sunken table)

A 10 tatami mat size room with a Mt. Fuji view bath and hori-kotatsu. Stretch out your legs below the kotatsu, the ideal place to chat with good friends. There are only two of these rooms, where you can stay in the lap of luxury with a view of Mt. Fuji.

Universal design Japanese/Western-style room

Easy to use. Have fun at the kotatsu (heated table). This Japanese/Western style universal design room is suited for many purposes.
The access paths within the toilet and bedroom are designed to be usable for guests in wheelchairs. Stay in the lap of luxury in this room with a view of Mt. Fuji.

"Yuki" Main Building

In 2008, we renovated some of our guest rooms, including the rooms with open air baths and the universal design room. Select the style that suits you, from Japanese-style, Japanese/Western-style, and Western style. * Some rooms do not have a view of Mt. Fuji.

Japanese/Western-style room with open air bath and Mt. Fuji view

Enjoy the impressive view of Mt. Fuji in a special room with an open-air bath that looks out over the mountain.
This 4th-floor Japanese/Western-style room in the main building has an open air bath. Relax comfortably in a 10 tatami mat size Japanese-style room on the Mt. Fuji side of the hotel with an open air bath and a twin Western-style room attached.

Universal design Japanese/Western-style room with Mt. Fuji view
Universal design Japanese/Western-style room with Mt. Fuji view

This universal design Japanese/Western-style room is on the 3rd floor of the main building. The universal design is suited to both guests in wheelchairs and the elderly. Please enjoy the majestic view of Mt. Fuji from your room.

General Japanese-style rooms
General Japanese-style rooms

We offer a variety of rooms suited to your needs.
The Japanese-style rooms are 10 tatami mats in size and face either Mt. Fuji or the Minsaka Mountains. Actual size of the rooms varies slightly depending upon the size of the entryway and veranda. Parties of 2 to 5 can comfortably relax in these rooms.
* It is not possible to specify which side of the hotel your room will be on with this plan. To ensure that you have a Mt. Fuji-side room, please choose one of the Mt. Fuji plans.

General Western-style rooms

Showers are provided in these rooms. These Western-style rooms are popular with couples.
Not all rooms are on the Mt. Fuji side.

Discount Western-Style room

These business-type Western-style rooms are available at a reasonable price.
Twin and semi-double rooms are available.
Not all rooms are on the Mt. Fuji side.

Discount Western-Style room

Onsen (Hot Spring)

Bathing area with view of Mt. Fuji
Bathing area with view of Mt. Fuji

Soak in a hot spring while admiring Mt. Fuji.
The bathing area with a view of Mt. Fuji is located on the 5th floor, the top floor of the hotel. The view of the Mt. Fuji ridge spreading before you from the bathing area is exceptional. Enjoy these waters that soothe the body and spirit while surrounded by the best views in Japan.

Bathing Hours 15 :00~22:00 / 5:00~9:30
Large Garden Bathing Area
Large Garden Bathing Area

Feel the passing of the four seasons under the starry sky of "Yuyu".
The large garden bathing area boasts a variety of baths to suit different tastes, such as the Jacuzzi - rare for an open air bath - and ceramic baths.
The main bathing area can be used 24 hours a day. *Excludes cleaning time.
The men's and women's sections of the two large bathing areas switch so you can enjoy all areas of the bathing area. In the relaxation area, we provide natural vanadium water from Mt. Fuji.

Bathing Hours
15:00~23:00 / 6:00~9:30 15:00~9:30
※Cleaning time 19:00~19:30/5:00~5:45
Private garden open air bath

Two private baths are available, "Enza" and "Hojo."
The hotel's private open air baths are spacious and hot spring fed.
Enjoy these two different styles of private open air baths as a couple or a family.

Bathing Hours 15:00~21:00/7:00~9:00
Price 3,240yen/50 minutes
Reservations are required.


The chef is well-versed in local ingredients and cooks Japanese cuisine (course menu) using elaborate cooking methods to prepare seasonal ingredients with unique techniques. Enjoy these dishes with abundant seasonal ingredients from nature's bounty to your heart's content.


Enjoy the riches of the Yamanashi mountains, such as black rice, Fujisakura pork, and bavarois from the Asagiri Plateau, as well as fresh seafood delivered daily from the Shizuoka Numazu Port. We also offer Yamanashi wine and local sake suited to the meals.

  • 	Lobster
  • Fujizakura pork

A dish picture is an image.
A season, the contents of a dish and the container are different to stock.

Special-order meals
The bounties of the sea and land with
commitment toexcellent ingredients.

We offer special-order meals that change with the four seasons. We also offer special dishes that can only be eaten here, such as horse sashimi, stewed abalone, and other Yamanashi local dishes.

Delicious drinks to add color to your meal

Yamanashi is a major wine producer in Japan. It has around 70 wineries producing a variety of wines. Yamanashi also produces famous water. The sake produced using this water is exceptional.

Dining facilities

Oike Hotel has two dining facilities, the "Shunsai" private dining restaurant and the "Kaiji" restaurant.
We also offer banquet halls for groups of customers.
* Dining areas vary depending upon your accommodation plan and whether you stay in the annex or main building.

"Shunsai" Private room restaurant

This restaurant offers a Japanese-style, relaxed atmosphere. All nine rooms have tables and chairs, and there is also a handicapped accessible room. They are perfect for couples and families to enjoy a relaxed, private atmosphere.

"Kaiji" Restaurant

Customers staying in the "Yuki" Main Building have their meals in the "Kaiji" Restaurant. All seating in this restaurant is at tables with chairs.

Hospitality Concierge desk

A concierge desk is available at the reception lobby of the Oike Hotel.
It began as a service to bring enjoyment to all customers.
At this desk, we mainly provide tourism information suited to our guests' travel plans.


Reception & Lobby

Reception & Lobby

The lobby has an open atmosphere.
Relax on our leisurely, chic sofas.

"Tenku" Mt. Fuji Observatory

This overlook is on the rooftop of the Oike Hotel.
With views of Mt. Fuji and Lake Kawaguchiko, this popular spot is also ideal for photographs.

Beauty & Relaxation Room

Relax your body and mind.
Enjoy valuable relaxation to your heart's content.
* Reservations required

"Peppermint" Cafe

This cafe is located on the lobby floor of the hotel. Enjoy your tea time in elegance with our popular foamed coffee.

"Fujisakura" Souvenir Shop

This souvenir shop offers around 300 types of souvenirs that change with the seasons, including Yamanashi specialty "Hoto," Shinge rice cakes, and Koshu wine.


The night lounge is equipped for karaoke. Use it for an after-party following your banquet.

"Fuyo" Grand Ballroom

Use the grand ballroom for large group banquets. * A small banquet hall is available for smaller groups.

Free Wi-Fi

Free Internet connection. You can use free Wi-Fi in the guest rooms, lobby, etc

Yamanashi Hasshinsho

This select shop offers Yamanashi souvenirs chosen by the Oike Hotel. It is full of excellent items made by the hands of Yamanashi's local artisans. This shop was opened with the intent to share these creations with you.


Check-in 15:00~18:00   Check-out Until 10:00

Dinner is served between 6:00pm and 7:00pm.
Breakfast is served between 7:30am and 8:30am.

※Important: Your attention please!
Guests who have chosen the accommodation plan that includes dinner must check in by 6 p.m.
Please note that we are unable to serve dinner to guests who check in after 6 p.m.
If you are unable to check in by 6 p.m. due to unforeseen circumstances, please make sure to call us beforehand.

  • Credit Cards Accepted Here   VISA MasterCard
  • Parking: Free public parking is available on site (reservation is not needed).
  • Internet: Free! WiFi is available in all areas and is free of charge.

Please note that the property will do its best to accommodate your requests, but smoking preferences cannot be guaranteed. The property will neutralise smoking smells, using a deodoriser spray.